The 2010 Coro Mini Tree Project

Completed Coro Trees with Lights

Completed Belardo Lights Coro Mini Trees

Brandon is posing with all the various sized Coro Trees that we'll be using this year at Belardo Lights. Each tree has two colors of lights that can be controlled independently, either Blue/Green or Red/Warm White. Each tree has been lit with an alternating pattern of lights using a total of thousands of lights. Whew! Our fingers were sore putting all those lights in the holes.

Coro Trees Waiting For Lights

Coro Trees Waiting for Lights

While we've made many of our decorations, we purchased the blank trees from Holiday Coro this year. They use a computer-controlled machine to punch the holes, and it would be impossible to duplicate that precision by hand. They have created some very nice symmetrical designs. We even worked with Holiday Coro to create a design that was smaller than what they currently offer so that we could use it to fill in some small spaces in our hillside display. Each tree has a score or cut up the middle on the rear that allows the tree to slightly bend for a natural effect when lit.

Completed Coro Tree with Lights

Completed Belardo Lights Coro Mini Tree With Lights

Here's what a Coro Tree looks like with lights installed. It tends to overpower the camera with the brightness, but this photo will give you an idea of what it looks like. This coro tree is 18 inches tall and is one of the smaller sized trees....Very nice!

Completed Coro Trees with Lights

The Finished Products
Completed Belardo Lights Coro Mini Trees With Lights

The finished Coro Trees, all 21 of them. These trees should provide lots of versatility for the display, especially since each tree has two channels of lighting. We'll be able to light them up at the appropriate moments in the music with our Light-o-rama controllers. We love these coro trees!